Man surprised it’s illegal to buy votes.

Some rocket scientist from Stuarts Draft has been charged with bribery after he offered prizes for anybody who voted for the two candidates that he supported for city council. He says he’ll sue for malicious prosecution. Democrat? Republican? Who knows? Who cares? This kind of stupid knows no political boundaries.

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4 replies on “Man surprised it’s illegal to buy votes.”

  1. All I can find is this bit from the minutes of a February Waynesboro City Council meeting:

    Mr. George Hartsook, President of the American Property Owner’s Association, a political action committee registered with the State Board of Elections in Richmond, Virginia. He stated that his group hopes to be participating in upcoming City Council elections. He listed the following goals of the organization:

    1. Promote voter registration and participation
    2. Educate the voter/taxpayer about the power of their vote
    3. Demand accountability and responsibility
    4. Recommend City Council candidates for City Council elections
    5. To recommend and introduce referendums to Waynesboro City Council

    Mr. Hartsook stated that his organization is looking forward to the upcoming City Council elections and hopes to have meaningful conversations with all candidates prior to the election.

    There’s more from the AP, too.

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