Vote for this other guy who’s running for something somewhere else.

In the spirit of Frank O’Leary, Christopher Shores (“Shores for Supervisor”) would like me to attend his “Campaign Kick-off & Spaghetti Dinner” next month, with special guest Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. What’s his party affiliation — Republican, perhaps? Is he running here in Albemarle County? If not, what makes him think that I want to hear from him? How can I make him stop? Why is there no opt-out link?

Forget about learning how to run for office — somebody’s got to teach these guys how to use e-mail. Shores has joined O’Leary in the ever-growing bozo filter in my mail client.

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5 replies on “Vote for this other guy who’s running for something somewhere else.”

  1. Is it possible you got stuck into some random media list that these guys got their hands on, due to this blog?

  2. I’d considered that, but it’d be weird to send an invitation to media, as opposed to a media alert. It’s certainly not unthinkable, though, that a campaign that would send out an e-mail failing to specify the rudiments about a campaign might also be unfamiliar with the concept of a press release. :)

  3. I think someone mixed our names up because every NOVA Dem seems to be e-mailing me about all their wonderful wonderfulness-ness.

  4. Come on, Waldo, you are just jealous you don’t live in the concrete jungle and are void of real campaigns. Take the Arlington Minister of Trash Removal, I hear there is a fierce primary on the Democratic side this year!

  5. Chris Shores is current vice chair of the Republican Committee in Cumberland County, and a past chair. He is the opponent to Robert Oertel, a Democrat in office a year to fulfill a term left by a resignation. He also has a state PAC. Bolling will appear at his kick-off dinner.

    I find it hilarious that Waldo gets an email and I don’t. I just talked to Shores a few weeks ago at the Cumberland Patriot’s Day Festival at the Courthouse.

    I don’t think local candidates, R or D, really understand email etiquette. At least to me, the R’s seem particularly unorganized when it comes to web outreach.

    BTW, hello to everyone from Denver, where I have been attending my brother’s wedding.

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