Raising Kaine: RPV site better than DPVA’s.

Lowell ranks the RPV and DPVA websites, and makes a good cause that Virginia Republicans and Shaun Kenney are considerably ahead of Democrats in their online presence. Shaun concurs.

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3 replies on “Raising Kaine: RPV site better than DPVA’s.”

  1. Darn tootin’! The only problem is, Shaun wasn’t hired just because he’s a blogger and just to blog. He was hired as the full time Communications Director because of his resume and happens to be a blogger as well. What Dems (and many Repub’s) don’t get is that this is just a bonus that came with the package that was Shaun Kenney. So the GOP was able to capitalize on that without having to hire some kid just to blog for them, which many RKers and others seem to think the DPVA needs to do.

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