Nights in Rodanthe.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane

We’ve accidentally rented a house in Hollywood-on-the-Outer-Banks. Richard Gere and Diane Lane are filming “Nights in Rodanthe” a few doors down, having rented a series of beach houses and the fishing pier. They shot some sort of a crab-boil scene down on the sand under the pier yesterday afternoon, and the whole thing was lit up with crane-mounted spotlights until late last night, filming up on the pier.

Exciting times here in Rodanthe.

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  1. Yeah, well, if they didn’t build a Noah’s Ark on the beach those of us who live where *real* movies get made aren’t interested.

  2. Just got back from one week vacationing at Camp Hatteras
    at Rodanthe. Did not know movie was being filmed until
    Wed when we were not allowed to go to the pier. Nevertheless, we walked down the beach to the pier and watched some filming. Went to Ocracoke Friday and the filming was taking place at the Ferry so we got to see more filming. Ate at Dirty Dick’s
    at the Ferry after coming back from Ocracoke and saw more film work and Richard drive off in his car. Left Rodanthe Saturday and got held up on Rt 12 in front of the beach house while fim work was going on. I think it is exciting for Rodanthe!

  3. Good business for the locals at the Outer Banks but let’s
    hope that it does not ruin the quaint, village atmosphere

  4. We got held up in that traffic on Rt 12, and got a kick out of all of the guys jumping out of their cars to check out the waves. I thought they were looking at the helicopter and trying to figure out what was going on, but the waves were the big story on Sunday, eh? Still, that was pretty neat, and I got a cool pic’ of the ‘copter. My husband kept teasing me aby saying that was how they cleared the sand off of the roads, they hovered over them with helicopters.

  5. Yeah that was pretty funny. My brother and I were there last week on vacation with the family and just kinda walked onto the set a little later in the evening (around 10:00 p.m.) during the same shoot pictured above. There were about 50 extras standing around since noon that day waiting to be caught on film and drinking warm sodas and eating oyster chips just to stay alive. The crew said that they would be shooting the fake camp fire for the closing scene so we planted ourselves right there. As soon as they yelled action we went up to the bucket and managed to grab two of the few real budweisers and started kicking ’em back on the set during the shoot(the set-up crew obviously gave up emptying the bottles and refilling with water after a while). We ending up giving each other these really big bear hugs, buds in hand, when we thought the cameras were rolling. You’ll probably recognize us in the actual movie as the gay couple embracing on a moonlight beach next to the camp fire.

    I guess the only thing cooler would have been if we had double-teamed Diane Lane under the fishing pier after the shoot. Oh well, there’s always the sequel.

  6. Your brother?!
    Come on. Theres no shame, let your love light shine!
    I mean its 2007 if two guys want to hug at sunset on the beach while watching Richard Gere and Dian Lane film a movie I say let em.
    But you shouldnt have stolen the Buds!

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