E-mail bankruptcy.

I do this at least once annually:

email bankruptcy n. choosing to delete, archive, or ignore a very large number of email messages without ever reading them, replying to each with a unique response, or otherwise acting individually on them.

(Via Kottke)

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3 replies on “E-mail bankruptcy.”

  1. My favorite category of these is the news alerts from Google News.

    At any one time, I have around 4 of them, each requiring their own folder in Thunderbird. For some reason, I like keeping 200-300 emails in the inbox, so I may be in line for a ‘first half of 2007’ folder.

  2. I need to do that. I generally don’t delete anything that I feel is worthwhile, even if it isn’t worthwhile a week later. Thank God for GMail’s space. I should purge this summer…

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