The president who cried “wolf.”

The opening paragraph to Michael Isikoff’s story in Newsweek says it all:

The White House dipped into an old playbook today, declassifying secret intelligence about purported Al Qaeda terror threats to the United States, in order to bolster the president’s case for continued funding for the war in Iraq. But in so doing, the Bush administration exposed itself once again to charges that it exaggerates and selectively uses intelligence to score political points.

The president has exaggerated and, indeed, lied about terrorist threats for political gain so many times that nobody believes him anymore. If there really was a serious threat, we’d have no way of knowing it.

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6 replies on “The president who cried “wolf.””

  1. Man, I wish presidents would stop giving press conferences like their lives depended on it (except, I guess their lives do kind of depend on it – their political lives). Just do the freaking job, disclose the stuff that legitimately needs to be disclosed to the people to whom it needs to be disclosed to, and shut up.

    This sort of crap is why Congress is supposed to have oversight.

    Or am I just being naive?

  2. Does anyone anywhere pay the slightest bit of attention to anything that Bush says anymore? Nothing that comes out of his mouth has the slightest relationship to reality. He has no clue what is happening in the world and he has as little power as an American President can possibly have. I am amazed that you were able to muster enough interest in something that Bush said to actually write a blog entry on it.

  3. This sort of crap is why Congress is supposed to have oversight.

    And Congress dropped the ball on that a long time ago.

  4. a suggestion for an edit to the title…

    The president who lied “wolf” (yet again…)

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