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  1. What could the media possibly ask or talk about at this late stage? How much ‘reaction’ do they need? Are they there to report, only later realizing they were overstaying any reasonable amount of time, or are they milking it for the sake of good ol’ capitalism?

    I think today is too long. So was yesterday.

    People deserve the opportunity to grieve in private, and that includes anywhere on campus.

  2. Flew down to VT today with a long-time friend & coworker whose son lives in West AJ, site of the first shooting. (Thankfully, he was on a different floor at the time.)

    For a beautiful Sunday in April, VT was spooky quiet.

  3. [continued from above]

    Fewer than two weeks before exams, and the library was empty. Many College Ave. area businesses were closed. Gave me quite a case of melancholy.

    Didn’t even venture over to the Drillfield or the Norris Hall area. Despite being an alum, I would have felt like an intruder over there. Hopefully the media will accord the students a similar level of privacy, though I’m not holding my breath.

  4. If I was the dean, I would have security escort them all off of the campus today. If they want to cover official events and memorials, set up a press pool and provide video feeds.

  5. Marijean: There will be a new normal, and it will, as ever, be full of youthful hope and enthusiasm. So it goes.

  6. It’s an open-to-the-public campus. You can’t run off the press without running off every other person wandering around with a camera: friends, alumni, commuters passing through, etc.

    You can restrict their parking and their access to non-public spaces (e.g. dorms & classroom buildings), but good luck restricting them from campus itself without getting a judicial smackdown.

  7. The power of public shaming should be enough to get rid of them. If the only press conferences held by VT consist of saying “please leave us alone” then I can’t see that many reporters would stick around for long. Students are going to make things unpleasant enough for the media that I suspect they’ll be looking for evidence to show their bosses in NYC that they should get the heck out of Dodge.

  8. I found it completely ridiculous that numerous tv stations this morning were reporting FROM VIRGINIA TECH on the SGA request…. sigh

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