5 thoughts on “Bush at 30%.”

  1. Well how about 23%? That is the percentage of Americans that approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq. Or 45%, the percentage of Americans that believe Iraq is the most important issue before the nation (by far the biggest concern)? Meanwhile the new Congress gets a positive endorsement by 68% of Americans. 76% believe that Bush has no clear plan for Iraq, and 51% believe that Bush will not work with Congress to unscrew Iraq.

    My read of the poll tea leaves: Constitutional Crisis. Outlook: Congress 1, Bush 0. Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Biden begins hearings in 4 days. Senator Webb will have his back. The natives are restless. Henry Kissinger has risen from his crypt and begun to wander Capital Hill, drawn, no doubt by the dark energy.

  2. *Laugh* “Polls are not news.” And objecting to a news outlet reporting their own poll. That’s awesome. You have unintentionally and perfectly captured why Washington Republicans and President Bush have taken a nosedive.

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