Bush administration increases African aid.

Yesterday’s Post pointed out that the Bush administration has tripled aid to African nations, and intends to double the current level in the next three years. This isn’t just wise in a purely humanitarian sense: it will help prevent terrorism from taking root there and allow further exploration of oil there. (The latter being the topic of the Winter 2007 Virginia Quarterly Review.)

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5 replies on “Bush administration increases African aid.”

  1. After 6 years Bush may be doing something right…miracles never cease do they.

    There is concern that Bush will wrap the aid up with some restrictions like we have long insisted be inflicted on developing countries (IMF WTO type of stuff) that prevents a country from ever developing and getting on it’s own independent footing. IF he pursues this course in giving the aid, unfortunately, we will end up being seen as an enemy (once again) rather than a friend.

    So hopefully Bush will truly be doing the right thing here….Buzz..Buzz…

  2. How much of that aid is tied to “Abstinence-only” education?

    None. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief promotes abstinence for the young, monogamous relationships between couples, and condom usage for high-risk sexual activity. It also, as the article notes, provides drug treatment for 800,000 AIDS-stricken Africans.

  3. Nice thought, Jon, but incorrect.

    A bit of checking around shows that 1/3 of all AIDS funding must be geared towards “Abstinence-Only” (AKA, have more unsafe sex) programs.

    The good news is that apparently the next Congress may have a better grasp on reality than our current polyanna hegemons, and that restriction will likely be lifted.

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