My year in music.

For much of the year my listening habits have been automagically reported to by iTunes. (In fact, I used to list my most recently played tracks on the sidebar of this blog.) Here are, according to, my ten top listened-to artists in 2006:

  1. Bishop Allen
  2. Dave Matthews Band
  3. Mike Doughty
  4. They Might Be Giants
  5. Lyle Lovett
  6. Aimee Mann
  7. Elvis Costello
  8. Raphael Saadiq
  9. Richard Hawley
  10. Iron & Wine

Dave Matthews Band ranks highly, I suspect, because I have so many DMB tracks in iTunes (169 in total) that, when I listen in shuffle, their songs appear really often.

And my top songs:

  1. Iron & Wine – The Trapeze Swinger
  2. Aimee Mann – Save Me
  3. Asheru – For Old Time’s Sake
  4. Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets
  5. Aimee Mann – Wise Up
  6. Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road
  7. Aimee Mann – One
  8. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
  9. Modest Mouse – Float On
  10. Jamie Lidell – Multiply

It’s odd how this compares to what I think I listen to the most. Todd Snider, The Postal Service, Liz Phair, Madeline Peyroux, King Wilkie, Johnny Cash, The Band…I’d have guessed that most of these would have made the list, but clearly not.

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8 replies on “My year in music.”

  1. “It’s odd how this compares to what I think I listen to the most.”

    Just because something is playing, dosn’t mean you are really listening to it. My guess would be that some of those artists that didn’t make the list are the ones that you actually take time to soak in.

    Kinda surprised by the overall lack of Eels. Rare are we in a car together where you are not talking about them. Then again, it’s pretty rare that we are in a car together.

  2. Iron and Wine just happen to be one of those bands that you can accidentally listen to about 13 times on a lazy weekend.

    Nice list…I somehow have had you pegged for a They Might Be Giants fan. This past week I’ve had Hotel Detective stuck in my head.

  3. My top-played tracks in iTunes (i.e., over 20 plays, in a list of songs that’s 60 days long, since i got this computer a year ago):

    1. Koji Kondo – theme from “Super Mario Bros. 2” (1988)
    2. James Brown – “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (1965)
    3. James Brown – “Get Up, Get Into it, and Get Involved” (1970)
    4. James Brown and the Famous Flames – “Just You and Me” (1960)
    5. Prince – “When You Were Mine” (1980)
    6. Stereolab – “Super Electric” (1991)
    7. the Jarmels – “A Little Bit of Soap” (1963)
    8. Soul Vibrations – “the Dump” (1973)
    9. Stereolab – “Brittle” (1991)
    10. Shonen Knife – “Cycling is Fun” (1984)
    11. Phyllis Dillon – “Make Me Yours” (1967)
    12. Brian Eno – “Burning Airlines Give You So Much More” (1974)

  4. Yeah, once I got over the fact that it wasn’t as unbelievably perfect as “Here Come the Warm Jets,” I realized it was still a totally amazing record. My Favorites are definitely “Burning Airlines” and “Back in Judy’s Jungle,” although “Mother Whale Eyeless” and “Put a Straw Under Baby” are tied for a distant third.

    “Another Green World” has some great moments too, but you probably already knew that.

  5. I don’t trust any “indie” pop artist that hasn’t listened to the first three solo Eno albums. I don’t put my foot down much when it comes to music, but that is one of the few stands I’m willing to go out on a limb and stand by. They are just too important in how they laid out the tracks. Right up their with Television and VU.

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