SUSA: Webb up by 8%.

Survey USA has Webb at 52% and Allen at 44%. Wow. The poll was taken this weekend, from Friday through Sunday. Gallup also released a poll today showing Webb at 46% and Allen at 49%, with that poll having been taken last week, from Wednesday through Friday. I trust Gallup polling far more than Survey USA, but SUSA’s is more recent. SUSA’s poll also shows Amendment 1 (that Marshall/Newman Amendment) at only 42% right now, with an amazing 22% undecided. Those of us working the polls tomorrow will need to chat people up about Amendment 1.

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2 replies on “SUSA: Webb up by 8%.”

  1. The Gallup poll seems suprising considering the othe polls. The survey poll is meaningless. Those numbers can’t be true. I think it will be close but I don’t think Webb will win. He needed to be leading to pull off the victory. No Gov or other race to pull him though.

  2. Well the polls over the past 2 days have given everyone cause for hope or despair.

    Last year SurveyUSA’s poll more closely approximated the race’s outcome than anyone else. Although I share some of proffer’s skepticism. I have a hard time seeing Webb winning with an 8% margin; anything is possible though.

    For what it’s worth, Rassmussen showed this race tied as of yesterday evening.

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