Smokefree Virginia tour.

Supporters of Sen. Brandon Bell’s bill to ban smoking in workplaces will be holding rallies around the state in the next few days: Richmond, Newport News, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Charlottesville and Roanoke. This bill was killed in subcommittee on an unrecorded vote during this year’s session the day after we had a lively and interesting discussion about it here.

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5 replies on “Smokefree Virginia tour.”

  1. While we’re at it, might as well make violations of the seatbelt law subject to mandatory jail time, and then maybe make some sort of exercise and diet compulsory for fat kids.

  2. The concern behind this bill is not people harming themselves, it’s people harming others. At least smokers get a filter — those inhaling secondhand smoke don’t even get that.

  3. Actually, the secondhand smokers get three filters: one on the cigarette butt, and two smoker’s lungs (which admittedly, aren’t very good filters). ;)

    Thanks for the link back to the previous discussion. I maintain my stance from it. Someone tell me when they institute air quality controls in restaurants rather than an all-out ban, and I’ll be on board.

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