NRCC launches phone harassment campaign against voters.

AP: The NRCC is robo-dialing Democrats dozens of times consecutively with calls pretending to be from the Democratic candidate, presumably in hopes of suppressing Democratic turnout. They’re doing it in 53 districts across the nation, and they’ve told the press that nobody can stop them. In response, I guarantee you, some Republicans will point out one little incident in which some fool tries to vote for a Democrat ten times under different aliases and claim that the Democrats are just as bad in the realm of vote fraud.

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2 replies on “NRCC launches phone harassment campaign against voters.”

  1. The corruption runs about the same depth in both parties. How about the deceptive Weed ad that was taken off the air, then put back on at the end of last week. I guess he’s learning how much that helps! Good thing that both parties have lined up their thousands of attorneys!

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