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  1. “I am going to Washington beholden to no political group except the people of Connecticut and, of course, my conscience,” he [Lieberman] said.

    Yeah right.

    On social issues, Lieberman is a Democrat. On economic and national security issues he is not. It’s too bad that Ned Lamont was the standard-bearer for the Dems in CT.
    Someone with a strong military, and working class background would have done much better. A left leaning version of Olympia Snowe also could have done the job. Damned JoeMentum.

  2. He votes with the Republicans on a lot of issues. The party didn’t back their incumbent so I see no reason why they should expect loyalty in this instance. Anyone who didn’t see this coming was blind.

    With Lieberman the Republicans could pay back the Democrats for Jeffords, and with one senator their party majority evaporates. Unless I was wrong the press has been including Lieberman with the Dem’s when counting their senate sweep right? I also thought that was premature as well.

  3. Lieberman promised Connecticut voters he would caucus with the Democrats.

    Given what he’s been through this year, it’s understandable he would want to exploit the peculiar power he now has to scare his fellow Democrats in the Senate for a few weeks. Maybe he’ll ask for some new perks.

    In the same situation a lot of pols would do the same. But, while I don’t profess to have any inside info, I’ll be shocked to see Lieberman go back on his promise.

  4. Lieberman is the swing vote and he’ll play it for all it’s worth, but I can’t believe he’s utterly stupid. The overwhelming sentiment in his state (and across the land) is leaning Democrats. I think he’ll caucus with the Dems because he will need the Dems’ goodwill and votes much more over the next 6 years than he’ll need the Republicans. It would be foolish to deliberately PO the party on the rise to make nice-nice with the party in decline.

  5. Democrats turned their back on him, and now their whining that he doesn’t suck up to Harry? Pathetic.

    Joe is his own man. Deal with it if you can.

  6. Lieberman clearly holds a lot of power in the Senate right now. While I seriously doubt that he will leave the Democrats, I imagine a number of his votes will diverge from those of his fellow Democrats. When it comes to a number of issues, in particular Iraq, Democrats may not have the majority. I imagine Joe Lieberman is above revenge, but it might be interesting to see if he tries to strong arm Democrats on a few things knowing full well that they will go with him to get what they want.

    The Iraq pullout might not be the foregone conclusion some think it will be, and I believe that the next two years will be very interesting.

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