Claim of Allen’s “thuggish young supporters.”

Salon published this letter back in September which reads, in part:

I lived in Northern Virginia and was involved in politics when he ran for governor in 1993. He ran one of the meanest statewide campaigns I can recall, full of truly vicious innuendo about his opponent, the former attorney general and the first woman to run for governor in the state, whom his supporters — naturally — derided as a lesbian, especially around the “good Christian folk” he sought to attract. Allen was followed around by a cadre of particularly repellent thuggish young supporters who earned the name of “Hitler Youth,” and who gloried in physically attacking and bloodying campaign opponents. I witnessed the aftermath of some of these attacks after one debate and a rally. Based on his facial expressions and body language, Allen thought those incidents were really cute and great fun. He was always a nasty bully at heart, and it played out in the way he governed.

Given the campaign’s assault of Mike Stark earlier this week, I think that could be an interesting historical note. I want to know if there’s anything to it. (I was 15 years old in 1993 — I don’t have any idea.) If Sen. Allen is in the habit of employing people who physically attack opponents, I think that’s noteworthy.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

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  1. I moved here in ’93 and I do remember the nasy campaign against Mary Sue, but I don’t remember hearing about physical violence on the part of his campaign workers toward Terry workers/supporters. Of course, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear from folks who did know about thuggish behavior from Allen’s people. After all, this is the guy who, when he was a sitting governor, was taped telling the audience at the 1994 Va. GOP Convention that “we should enjoy knocking their [Democrats’] soft teeth down their whiny throats.”;jsessionid=57EFA5DCAEF2CB1D6169AB1E05AD4168?diaryId=5691

    All over the place, people are finally crawling out of the woodwork to declare that the Emperor has no clothes. How many dozens, hundreds even, of people have — for over a decade now — been completely dumbfounded by the fact that this know sleazeball has gotten away with THIS many *bad* skeletons in his closet, and has never been held accountable in the press or the public eye for them? Now, at long last, the truth is spilling out all over the place. Allen is a disgrace to Virginia. And, frankly, a disgrace to Republicans. Plenty of smart, decent, caring, moral people do lean conservative (true conservative) politically. Allen, though, is just a nasty, ugly person. (Who also happens to be wrong politically, too.)

  2. As a candidate in 1993, Allen was accompanied wherever he went by a cadre of young men who appeared to have been trained how to intimidate and threaten without crossing the legal line (think abortion clinic demonstrators). At many public appearances (I can remember one joint appearance at the Fairfax Government Center particularly), Mary Sue had to push her way through these folks to get to an event. It appeared to be a planned tactic encouraged if not instigated by the Allen campaign.

  3. I wonder how many of this “cadre,” being 13 years older and presumably engaged in the professional world, have achieved positions with the Republican Party, campaigns, or even have been elected themselves?

    Anyone have names?

  4. The contrast between the two canidantes could not be stronger. A wanna be cowboy bully, who loves to push others around but has never put HIS ass on the line.

    Everyone must read this (it is from Jim Webb’s company commander in Vietnam)

    Why I Would Vote for Jim Webb if I lived in Virginia
    by Michael Duncan Wyly, Colonel, USMC (ret)
    3 November 2006

    If I lived in Virginia my vote would be for Jim Webb because I know him and came to trust him and saw and felt the confidence his Marines had in him while I was his Company Commander in combat in 1969. We were together every day and night; our relationship was professional, yet nothing missed my notice then because so much was at stake. I was asked recently by a reporter from the Norfolk Pilot, why, in my opinion, Jim Webb was so respected by the men he led in 1969; why they were so loyal to him and still are to this day. The reporter did not publish my answer so I want to make it clear, here.

    My answer came implicitly without having to think: “Because they knew he would always be there for them, even at great risk; and he placed enormous value on human life.” When I was his company commander he never hesitated to voice an opinion if he had an idea of a way to make a move more safely. The lives and safety of the men in his charge came first, and they knew it. When Dale Tucker, one of his squad leaders was shot in the abdomen during an ambush on the 20th of April, 1969, Lieutenant Webb went into the kill zone without hesitation, pulled him out, and gave him first aid. He performed similar rescues of several Marines on the 9th of May of the same year. That was the same day he risked his life to recover the body of Jim Ward, knowing how important this would be to Corporal Ward’s grieving family back home. Lieutenant Jim Webb stayed with his men all that year and the acts I have described here characterized Jim’s performance for the entire twelve months that he remained in combat before being ordered home.

    As I have remained in contact with Jim through the years, the same characteristics that I came to know in ‘69 have continued to define the man he is. He is an intellectual as well as a man of strong character. As a novelist, his understanding of human nature, good and bad, is tangible; and his passion to see good overcome evil is compellingly clear. I have read all of his books and I recommend them to every American as a means of understanding your country better, and mankind better.

    More importantly, I commend Jim to you as the leader this Country needs. Jim’s ability to make decisions has been forged through a multiplicity of diverse life-experience that few men ever have. He makes decisions according to the dynamic and changing situation that life is and he can be depended upon to make the best decision for his Country that he holds so dear, and the men and women of Virginia, who like his Marines in 1969, are to him, his family.

    Jim Webb embodies humanity’s two greatest virtues, courage and integrity. Courage first. I place courage ahead of integrity because it is impossible to sustain the latter without the former. It often takes courage to tell the truth. In all the years I have known Jim Webb, even under the toughest pressure, he has never compromised on either. If Jim says it, it’s true. And if it’s true, he has the courage to say it – and he will.

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