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  1. What kind of gear did you use to capture that?

    Just my Canon Digital Rebel with a lens hood, set to manual focus so I could set focus by adjusting the camera’s proximity to the flower. Thanks to the 8MP shot I was able to crop down the resulting picture of the entire flower down to just this segment without sacrificing quality. It’s the large version that I really love — I like being able to see such fine detail.

  2. This one was, seriously, skill-less and lucky. My two-year-old niece pointed it out and I snapped it, mostly thinking that she might like to see it later. I took about a hundred photos in the span of 40 minutes and just three came out well. These are the other two:

    Puddle Duck


    It seems the key to good photos is a combination of luck and a very large memory card. :)

    I didn’t know you had a Rebel. It’s a beaut, ain’t it? :)

  3. Yeah, it’s a great camera, but I can’t utilize it like one should be able. When I get time, that’s one of my goals: to learn how to use the camera. I’ve only had it for a few months, and I really haven’t been able to spend the time with it.

    I use the same theory of photography, though: take a ton of them, and hope something turns out well. Occasionally, I get lucky.

  4. Hello, Mr. Jaquith. I’ve found you. I think it’s only fair that I post on your journal after you posted on mine. : P

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