Americans want to replace their congresscritter with a Democrat.

Opinion Research: A majority of Americans believe that things are going badly, and intend to support a challenger in November’s midterm elections. That’s a 14% increase from voters who felt that way in 1994. Sixty percent believe that government policies need major changes. Democrats have a ten-point advantage over Republicans in the question of which party people will support for Congress in November. All signs point to a Democratic revolution in Congress.

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3 replies on “Americans want to replace their congresscritter with a Democrat.”

  1. Now if we can translate this into real progress for Democratic candidates here in VA.candi

    I hope that the sentiment carries over to election day, and that as many candidates as possible win in November. The problem with this sort of generic polling is that there is no name recognition factor at play here. In some of this year’s races, that alone may make the difference in who wins. How many people, for instance, still think Virgil Goode is a Democrat or an Independent?

  2. I don’t give much credit to national polls when it comes to Congress. People tend to hate Congress as a whole, but love their member of Congress. Like Tip O’Neill said, all politics is local. I can’t wait to see the next Virginia Senate poll, let’s hope it shows Jim Webb pulling away from Macaca Allen!

  3. You’re absolutely right about that, Miles. I was glad to see that this poll asked people about who they intended to vote for, but the fact is that many people don’t know who their Congressman is, though they are familiar with Rep. Soandso who is, in fact, their representative. It’s just not often that national dissatisfaction with the majority party translates to voting for the challenger in congressional races.

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