Our useless state climatologist.

Why does Virginia have a state climatologist if he “doesn’t speak for the state in terms of climatological policies”? Patrick Michaels such an ardent global climate change denier that he pretended there was no drought in 2002. It’s time to get rid of this $90k/year position.

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  1. For a year and a half while I was at OU, I worked for the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, arguably one of the best and largest state climatology offices in the nation. (They have to be with all the severe storms).

    He’s the laughing stock of state climatologists and the one to avoid at climatology conferences & meetings. Anytime his name was mentioned eyes rolled and I especially caught grief when my bosses learned I was from Virginia.

  2. I graduated from the University of Virginia, and Pat Michaels embarrasses me. I don’t have much coin to throw at the University — but if I ever do and Michaels is on the faculty, that’ll sway me pretty hard against letting the U use my contributions as unrestricted funds.

  3. BUT the VA state salary of 90k is NOT tenured….The money either needs to be “eliminated” or used to hire a new, competent state climatologist for our state and UVA….

    I know some Gaians in the state of VA that will be contacting Gov. Kaine on this…Why don’t all you embarrassed UVA alumni and students do the same?

    swarm the “sell out”…buzz buzz….mosquito

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