Maybelle needs a home.

For the past eight days, Amber and I have been fostering a puppy from the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA, Maybelle.


She’s a hound, more or less, twenty pounds of sprawling legs and tongue. At twelve weeks old she’s playful, energetic, and sweet. Maybelle — we labored over the name — is a sucker for belly rubs, loves to play with other dogs, loves splashing around in her pool, and sometimes wags her tail so hard she falls over. She’s definitely an outdoor dog — whoever adopts her will need space for her to run, dig and explore. Our fenced in yard has been perfect for her. She’s even refrained from destroying our garden, even when burying her bones.

We’re in the process of crate training Maybelle, and she’s doing well so far. As I write this she’s curled up in her crate, napping during the heat of the day. Several times we’ve left her here for hours at a time, setting some food, water, and a bed on the covered section of our porch, and she’s been perfectly happy upon our return. Though she’s not housebroken, the only accidents were on her first day here, in part because we’re getting a sense of her schedule and in part because we’re working on training her.

As of tomorrow, Maybelle’s shots will have all taken effect, and she’ll be ready for adoption. Though it’s been fun having her here, this wiggly little girl needs her forever home. Are you interested in adopting Maybelle? Find out how to adopt her on her Petfinder page. And please feel free to e-mail me with any questions about her.

Maybelle Sprawls

She’s a sweetie.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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