Martinsville’s MZM bill tallied.

Roanoke Times: Martinsville will owe the state somewhere between $130k-$140k on behalf of Rep. Goode’s MZM deal, but the precise sum won’t be known until next year.

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  1. I have a few diaries up at Raising Kaine (here) with a few snippets about Al Weed’s campaign, and also a report on the debate that took place the other night (which can be listened to on C’ville Podcasting).

    It is interesting that the only thing Virgil talks about on his latest report to the district is all about making English the official language of the US. I wonder if the people in Martinsville give a crap about that issue in light of how Virgil screwed them over?

    What a maroon.

  2. You’re a fool if you think this is over. The same fed $$ that was slated for FSAC is staying in Martinsville. I know it will break your heart, but I do look forward to seeing how you spin it in a few weeks. Of course, you’ll just ignore it, as you always do when you’re wrong.

    Mark, spare us your garbage about what the people of Martinsville might or might not thing about about Virgil. When’s the last time you actually asked them?

    Weed is the maroon, and Virgil showed him to be one in their debate, when Weed claimed that MZM made “$15M on the FSAC.” What a complete and utter moron. No wonder you libs have such a hard-on for him.

  3. IP:

    I can always count on you to spout off some garbage about how you know everything. If you noticed, I wondered aloud what the people of Martinsville think about all this, especially in light of the money that will have to be paid. Unless you have some special insight into what will happen (and your track record is not that good frankly), you are just trying to seem knowledgable about all this.

    As far as Al Weed is concerned, I support him. He is the best candidate for the Fifth District. What I wonder is, why do you equate support for a candidate with a sexual reference? Are you frustrated? Does your Republican world seem to be failing you?

    I know you must be upset. I understand. It must be the reason why you can’t really debate issues, instead being forced to resort to sexual ‘jokes’ and your version of a rant. It must be horrible for you, to be so politically and mentally challenged.

    After all, if you had any original thoughts I figure you would have used some of them by now. Come back here to the ‘circle jerk’ some more, even though ‘Waldo edits and deletes my posts”.

    We need the comic relief, just try to remember that it is the GOP who gets sexually excited about candidates, especially ones who appeal to them personally.

    Waldo is right, you are more than a jerk.

    The best part (0.00 / 1)
    is how Waldo deletes and edits my posts. But that’s ok. Y’all have a nice circle jerk going on over there. I’m sure you enjoy it so much more without a conservative there to bring a little truth to his site every now & then.

    As for the “hate” claim, you should learn a little discernment. I don’t hate anybody. I disapprove of homosexuality, and will not weep if some (or many) choose to live elsewhere.

    Disapproval does not equal hate.

    by: I.Publius @ Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 16:13:26 PM EDT
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