Kansas votes out creationists.

The creationists up for reelection to the Kansas school board got tossed out of office yesterday, relegating the anti-science whackjobs to a minority of the board. The same thing happened with the other high-profile creationist school board in Dover, PA last year — the Dover creationists all got the axe.

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2 replies on “Kansas votes out creationists.”

  1. So, you’re saying that there’s hope?

    Maybe there’s nothing the matter with Kansas after all.

    I had a very nice surprise at my son’s graduation this spring – the commencement speaker turned out to be John E. Jones, the judge who wrote the opinion in the Dover case. Jones strikes me as a genuinely inquisitive person, who loves his job because it means constantly learning. We could use more judges like that. What certain people like to call “activism” may actually just be the impulse to seek information that we don’t already have.

    The opinion, if you haven’t read it, is a thorough refutation of the carefully constructed fiction of Intelligent Design as a “secular” movement, as well as very entertaining. Assuming that you enjoy that sort of thing.

  2. Not quiet as glamourous as creationists getting kicked off the school board. But a school board in Capistrano CA made an enemies list after a failed recall attempt which was initiated because of financial mismanagement- administrators getting new 25 million dollar ocean view offices and office building, when schools are still overcrowded and rundown with students in portable trailers.

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