Blog Summit, day 1.

It’s late. Here’s a quick round-up.

Many, many people — about 90 folks, or thereabouts. AG Bob McDonnell opened things up with a highly-tailored speech — he’d clearly done his homework. He was followed by Dr. Bob Holsworth, who provided some really remarkable perspective on the recent history of Virginia politics and some enjoyable speculation on where things are going. He made a few points that I’ll be chewing over for a while to come. He’s good like that.

We broke up into groups. Kenton led the Blogging 101 session. I asked him how it went afterwards and he was pessimistic, but the folks I talked to were extremely impressed. I wish I’d been able to be there. Jon Henke and I were the panelists on Enhancing and Promoting Your Blog. The audience was wonderful, we all had a great discussion about how blogs can become more well known and what tools can make that possible. Jon’s QandO is, of course, a very well-known and well-respected blog — far beyond this here blog — so his perspective was invaluable.

Then dinner, which was surprisingly good. Jerome Armstrong delivered a speech about blogging, the Virginia Webb/Miller/Allen race, and the Dean campaign model. Like Dr. Holsworth, he provided much to consider; everybody seemed to quite enjoy his remarks.

Finally social time. Al Weed hosted a reception on the UVa Corner, at a bar, while Tucker Watkins hosted one a few blocks away. I spent about half an hour at each. The former was quite crowded and boisterous, partially because Al had a good number of staffers and volunteers there. Sen. Creigh Deeds arrived just as I left for Tucker’s reception. Tucker’s was at a hotel. The alcohol was top-notch, and the conversation a bit better still. I was pleased to meet Alton, who I had just learned had come into town for the night.

Oh, and my camera’s missing. Anybody seen a Canon Digital Rebel? I last had it at the day’s main meeting space, on the registration table.

Tomorrow morning, Bodo’s, 8:15am. Seems like most everybody will be there, so business should be oddly brisk for them. Then a pair of workshop options, lunch with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Mike Shear as speakers, and we’ll call it a day.

This is exhausting. Thankfully it’s also a lot of fun. We’re all making a lot of new friends.

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  1. Man, you are quick!!

    I enjoyed the workshop you and Jon gave; I am looking forward to tomorrow’s (today’s) workshops.

    I think one thing pleased me more than anything else: Jerome Armstrong, whom I consider a hero in many ways, noticed Michael Snook and I had our copies of “Crashing The Gates” at the table. As he was coming in, he saw me from a distance waving my book around. He stopped immediately when he entered the room and autographed it, commenting on the fact it was one of the pre-sales edition (5,000 + copies sold before it was available). He then autographed Michael’s copy.

    He seems like a genuinely nice person, and I wish he could have stuck around for social hour.

    The other nice thing; last year I missed the social hour, because I never found the restaurant everyone went to. I had a great time talking with and meeting people all day long. Thanks go to Amber Capron and Sean at the Sorenson Institute for all the work they did setting this up. A class act, absolutely.

    PS: I forgot the cord to download pictures to my laptop, so those will have to wait until Saturday when we get home.

  2. Saw you on NBC 29 this evening Waldo. It all sounds like it was fun. Unfortunately I have/had to work both days, so I’ll have to hope I’m around to attend next year. Really stinks to be a peon.

  3. I am so sorry to be missing it!!! But I close on my Loudoun house in 10 days and need to pack it up. After 20 years there, we have a load of stuff to pack!!! Not only furniture, but all that weird stuff like 2 row boats, BBQ grill, lawn furniture, mower, extension ladder, soccer goal, basketball net, thousands of record albums, the beer can collection, lumber, antique crib, etc., etc. Believe me, I would much much much rather be with ya’ll.

  4. Eileen, there was talk of you yesterday, and surely will be again today. :)

    I’ve got to say, anybody expecting some kind of a fire-breathing liberal speech from Jerome must have been really disappointed. Anybody expecting a well-reasoned and interesting discussion about the role of the netroots in politics, though, must have walked away with a smile.

    Off to Bodo’s!

  5. I arrived at Bodo’s before it opened. Eerily quiet. Then 8:00 came and BOOM, customers everywhere. I’m glad I snagged an outdoor table.

    I will muse more on my own blog later, but for now I echo my new friend Vivian’s sentiments: it’s wonderful to finally meet all these people, and I am looking forward to today’s sessions.

  6. You bet — that’s going to go out on Monday, I believe. We’d really forgotten about doing that, but there were so many requests for that this afternoon that it’s clear people want it.

    Thanks for coming, Howard!

  7. PoliticalCritic,

    Not a good day to be Markos Moulitsas. He should be careful who he associates with.

    Would you care to enlighten us further about this statement? I am confused by your comment, and am interested in knowing what you are talking about.

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