Pat Robertson: World’s strongest man.

Pat Roberson claims to be able to leg-press 2,000lbs, thanks to his “age-defying protein shake,” thus making him the strongest man in the world. It’s amazing to me that anybody continues to give this con man any credibility.

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8 replies on “Pat Robertson: World’s strongest man.”

  1. Snake oil salesman extraordinaire!

    Same as James Robison and his sweet bride Betty, who now go on TV and peddle the gospel of minerals, vitamins and other wondrous ointments to their gullible TV audience.

    And how do I know? ‘Cause I like to listen to Televangelists in the morning; and like 12-step programs admonish, I take what I want and leave the rest.

    Robertson is just like all the faux conservatives and religious Pharisees. Just sign up for NewsMax and watch your e-mail overflow with quack medicine advice and promotions. You’ll see!

  2. What is sad is that many people may not really know how extraordinary the claim is. I used to do bicycle racing on a team and felt pretty cool about doing 500 lb leg presses, but the really strong guys were doing around 900 lbs. World class sprinters and track cyclists approach 2000 lbs, and somehow I doubt that a 70’ish year old fellow is as strong as a 30 year old olympian.

  3. Not that it matters but he’s cheating heavily in his form.
    He has his hands on his knees pressing up which relieves a fair amount of weight, and he also doesn’t even let the weight drop past the safety bars. For it to be an honest test of strength, he’d have to drop that weight wayyy down, with his knees almost to his chest, then press back up.

  4. This is the same guy who, when campaigning for the Republican nomination for president, claimed it was unfair to call him a televangalist…

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