Interview questions for Sen. Creigh Deeds.

Sen. Creigh Deeds’ grandfather ran the Democratic Party in Bath County in the 1930s. In 1987, Creigh Deeds followed in his grandfather’s political footsteps by being elected to the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney in Bath. In 1991 he successfully ran for House of Delegates to represent the district that included Bath, and held the seat until 2001. It was then that a special election was held for the 25th Senate District after the death of Sen. Emily Couric (who was in the early stages of a Lt. Governor candidacy). Creigh DeedsThe district runs from the West Virginia border to Charlottesville, with the bulk of the population being found in Charlottesville. Deeds was unknown to Charlottesville, but that didn’t keep him from securing the nomination on the first ballot. (His opponents included Nelson County’s Al Weed, now candidate for Congress.) He won the election easily.

Last December, after a recount, Creigh Deeds lost an election for the first time in his life, coming 323 short of defeating Del. Bob McDonnell.

Deeds still lives in Bath County. He and his wife, Pam, live in a small wood-heated house on a dirt road. They have four children and a large number of animals, including a donkey named Harry S. Truman.

Sen. Deeds has graciously agreed to permit me to interview him for this blog. I intend to conduct it in a traditional manner, but I’m interested in knowing what sort of questions that others would like asked. If you have a question that you’d like me to ask Sen. Deeds, please e-mail it to me. Please note that I’m interested in questions that appeal to Sen. Deeds’ experience and expertise in his years of public service, not questions about what blogs that he reads, if he reads your blog, or whether the blogs that he reads includes yours. Consider his biography, his aspirations, and his record, and make the most of this opportunity.

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  1. How do you feel you have remained such a popular candidate (receiving overwhelming victories) in a District that very clearly trends republican?

    What have you done/what are your beliefs that have made it happen?

    What are the issues (the top 2 or 3) that you find most in the forfront for you constituents & How have you addressed them?

    **Sorry you didn’t run for US Senate this year. I think you would have been great. That said, once you made it clear to me that you wouldn’t run, I have become very pleased that we have such a strong candidate like Jim Webb.

  2. Creigh, you’re often mentioned as the “perfect” candidate to run against Bob Goodlatte in the 6th. I can only guess your decision not to run indicates a preference for Richmond rather than Washington, desiring to stick with state politics rather than go national.

    Why is that, and who are 2-3 other Democrats in the 6th who should think about running against Goodlatte?

  3. Along the lines of Adam’s question…The 6th District caucus is Saturday May 20. The Lynchburg delegation is going to call for our top priority in the 6th to be the search and finding of a viable candidate to run against Goodlatte. In the mean time we will ask for a write in vote this election. We have a suggestion for that write in vote ( I won’t say who it is). Do you, Mr. Deeds, have any suggestions for a write in selection?

  4. Creigh,

    Please run for Governor. If you start making enough noise now and put your nose to the grindstone in the fundraising department, you won’t even have opposition when primary time comes around. Turn that into a question however you’d like to.

    Wait, here’s an actual question: during the recount process, did you and Bob McDonnell ever sit down and have a conversation about what was going on? How’d that go? Was he a gentleman?

  5. Why have you supported the marriage amendment which seeks to add discrimination to Virginia’s bill of rights? Please don’t run for Governor!

  6. Sen. Deeds,

    1) Medicaid and other welfare programs continue to consume larger and larger portions of the state budget and are major drivers of overall budget growth. As a member of the Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee, what steps do you think Virginia needs to take in the future with regard to these programs, especially in light of federal inaction?

    2) Outside of your family members, to which three people do you look when seeking political/legislative advice?

    Thank you for continuing to participate in the blogosphere.

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