Attorney General Bob McDonnell speaking at Blog Summit.

Big-big news from The Sorensen Institute: Attorney General Bob McDonnell has been added to the agenda of next month’s Blog Summit as the opening speaker.

We’ve got bloggers galore, we’ve got delegates, we’ve got the Attorney General. Have we got you yet? No? Register now.

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12 replies on “Attorney General Bob McDonnell speaking at Blog Summit.”

  1. I’m hoping he’s put that incident (and that unfortunate belief os his) behind him, along with the close of the 1950s. I’ll assume so until proven otherwise.

    Call me an optimist. :)

  2. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity disliker. (that’s kinda like The Decider)

    I forget the comedian, but a long time ago I heard one fellow say something like: “racism is unnecessary. There’s plenty of reasons to hate everybody on an individual basis.” I feel the same way about partisanship.

  3. You keep inviting everybody who reads this to the blog summit. But very few of us actually write blogs. So do you really want hundreds of people who read blogs but do not write them to show up at this event?

  4. I agree with Jason. I was surprised at how many blog readers showed up last year (having mistaken their registrations as indicators that they’re pseudonymous bloggers), and then doubly surprised at how valuable that their participation proved to be.

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