Rumsfeld: Still not going anywhere.

I love that these six generals have called for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Not because I think it’ll do any good. Donald Rumsfeld I said a year and a half ago that Rumsfeld isn’t going anywhere, and I don’t see any sign that things are different this time around. On the contrary, what I think what makes this great is precisely because he’s not going anywhere.

Because of these generals, the public will increasingly understand that Rumsfeld has badly bungled Iraq and Afghanistan, and generally made our nation a great deal less safe. President Bush’s refusal to fire Rumsfeld will only push Bush’s approval ratings down further, perhaps a couple of points. Combine that with one other scandal (one’s due any week now) and he may break through that 30% barrier.

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4 replies on “Rumsfeld: Still not going anywhere.”

  1. I agree, Rummy isn’t going anywhere. And Democrats will be better off in the fall because of it.

  2. Permission to speak candidly?

    A “Shout-Out” from retired generals fed up with Rummy & Dummy’s Big War Adventure? “Leapin’ liars” finally called to task by the Generals — about damn time.

    Wish someone would do a media analysis of how newspapers across Virginia have covered (some with a blanket) this most recent battle over the Gang of Four’s (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice) Mission: Impossible to Defend.

  3. Well Rumsfeld is still there, but thank the lord the adminstration has gotten rid of Scott McLellan. He was responsible for…ummm…talking…not goodly? His resignation will surely ….uhh…. help out with the … communication issues that have plagued the administration. I am sure it will have a profound effect on those peripheral issues like Iraq, Iran, and immigration. Obviously. I for one would like to just throw out the name of a potential successor : Dick Cheney. Come on, the media loves him. He’s like a modern day teddy bear (in a darth vader costume) He could even offer to do the press briefings on a hunting trip. Possible scenario:

    (In the bush, as they say)

    Cheney: Ok everyone, check your safeties on your guns, make sure they’re off.

    Random Press Pool Reporter: Uhhh…Mr. Cheney we didn’t get guns.

    FOX NEWS Reporter: What? I got one. Safety off Dick.

    Cheney: Great. Oh yeah, before I point my gun at anything I’d like to tell you folks that the White House has personally closed the Plame leak case and that Scooter will be exonerated and then awarded the Presidential Medal for Job Well Done. Any questions?

    Reporters remain uncomfortably mute except for
    FOX NEWS Reporter: Nope. Sounds great.

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