Boston beats Baltimore.

Yesterday, as a birthday present to Amber, the two of us and my father went to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play the Orioles.

Wakfield Throws a Knuckleball

I won’t say that we had the best possible seats. But I will say that there are few seats that could be better than those that we had.

Ortiz Warms Up

Baltimore started off strong, but they faded fast. There were a few tense moments when they could have come back, but none panned out.

Mora Dodges

The Orioles were pretty good on the defense, but not good enough: the BoSox won 4-1.

Manny Ramirez

I’m always happy to see the Sox play the Os, because I’m happy no matter who wins. Still, as a lifelong loser, by virtue of being a Red Sox fan, I have to cheer a bit louder when the Sox win than when the Orioles win.

I’ve got the other sixteen photos from the game in a Flickr set.

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8 replies on “Boston beats Baltimore.”

  1. When I moved up to Providence for two years, I had no idea I was getting into the best era in Boston sports… ever.

    It was awesome.

  2. Not that I’m ungrateful for what the Sawks and the Pats have done in recent years, but I really miss seeing the Celtics as winners. I grew up in Boston in the Cousy – Russell years and miss that kind of Celtic dominance. (Of course, those were lean years for the Sawks and the Pats were languishing in the old AFL, so I’m not sure I’d trade them.)

  3. Orioles good at defense? Heh, that is probably not something we will hear too much this season. They are going to be very weak at pitching, at least for the first half of the season. At least they have a strong infield defensively, and a few good bats.

    Anyways, those look like some great seats, if the photos are any indication. How did you like Camden Yards? Isn’t it a beautiful stadium?

  4. Camden’s nice—it’s a big step up from Memorial Stadium. It’s pretty spacious, nicely arranged, and the seventh row seats behind home plate are pretty sweet, too. :) That said, I do have a soft spot for parks like Wrigley and Fenway.

  5. Waldo, how can you call yourself a lifetime loser? I hear the Sox won the other year. That trumps all the rest.

  6. I love the Red Sox and cried when they won the series. BUT I also have to pull for Detroit. My daughter and son-in-law’s good friend Brandon Inge ( Brookville High/VCU) is the third baseman for Detroit. Brandon was a groomsman in my daughter’s wedding and his wife Shani is a good friend of my daughter’s. Shani is from Boston, a great Democrat and worked on Jennifer Granholm’s campaing in Michigan.
    Go SOX! Go Brandon!!!

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