VQR’s curious stats.

Using Mint, I keep a close eye on the traffic on my various websites. Out of an interest in open source software, I’ve watched Firefox’s market share creep up on my various websites in the past few months. At nancies.org, the browser shares pretty much represent what I think is true nationally — 72% Internet Explorer, 22% Firefox, and 4% Safari. On this site it’s at 56% Internet Explorer, 33% Firefox, and 6% Safari.

Screen Shot On Virginia Quarterly Review, Firefox is at 48%, Safari is at 23%, and Internet Explorer is third, at 22%.

Up is down. Black is white. Dewey defeats Truman.

For months Firefox has been running close to IE on the site, and Safari has been creeping up. Since the NMA nominations were announced six days ago, though, traffic has spiked tremendously, with all of that traffic representing new visitors.

I must say that I’m fond of this new demographic — a bunch of Mac-owning open source software users. God bless ’em.

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  1. I like those numbers! I’m personally partial to Firefox, but anything to get bad browsers off the top of the list. I’d like to see Firefox, Safari, Konquerer, etc. take over the market and leave the non-compliant ones in the dust. I’m all for diversity, just not when it includes such abominations as IE.

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