Pilot lambasts Goode, declares him a “rube.”

The Virginian-Pilot dedicates their editorial today to Rep. Virgil Goode. It’s this bit that’s got to sting:

After years of cultivating an image as a populist hayseed, Goode may get by with playing the rube on this one. But in the name of Mitchell Wade, earmarks ought to go. And any congressman who claims, as did Goode, to be “shocked and amazed” that some corporations play fast and loose with campaign contributions may be too unsophisticated to work in Washington.

If Rep. Goode really and truly didn’t find it noteworthy that that dozens of people who live outside of his district and never before contributed to a candidate each up and decided to give him $2,000 on the same day, then he clearly lacks the wits to represent Virginia. And I, for one, don’t buy that.

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  1. I saw this Editorial in the Farmville Herald concerning Goode…translation – we don’t care if Goode’s a crook, our our crook:

    Editor, The Herald:
    I write in amazement that Congressman Virgil Goode’s potential opponents in this fall’s election have made the following statements regarding Mitchell Wade and his company:
    Al Weed was quoted saying, “there is a strong taint about the whole thing.”
    Bern Ewert said that he was “very sad about this continuing story” and that he wanted to “bring honest representation to Washington.”
    Let me clearly state what the people of the Fifth Congressional District already understand— that we presently have good and honest representation in Virgil Goode and there is absolutely no “taint” surrounding his name.
    I have been privileged to know Virgil Goode for over 30 years. I have always considered Virgil a man of the highest character, integrity and honesty.
    Virgil Goode has been working tirelessly to bring jobs and economic opportunity to our communities. Our region has been devastated by the loss of Jobs over the last decade and Congressman Goode is constantly working with local leaders to revitalize the economy in our communities.
    I find it truly amazing that anyone would even consider running for any office by attacking an incumbent whose morals are beyond reproach for working to create needed jobs.
    Virgil Goode’s character is beyond question—his political opponent’s motives, in my opinion, are not.

    Frank Ruff

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