4 replies on “N. Korea’s first-strike rights.”

  1. I’ve said this for the last few years. What’s to stop India from attacking Pakistan or vice versa? Any country can legitimately claim that they are being threatened especially if they trump up the evidence.

  2. Even if it were not for Iraq, do you think that the North Korean government would feel differently? I am pretty sure that someone has to make a first strike in a war (as far as I know, there has never been simultaneous strikes from both sides to start a war), and that it is not a unique idea that President Bush had.

  3. The Bush Doctrine is the right of first strike against any nation that has weapons and doesn’t like you. While North Korea is run by a guy who is clearly insane, were it not for the Bush Doctrine, world opinion would run against this latest crazy declaration. If North Korea were to bomb Guam, the world would have to shrug and say “Hey, that’s the Bush Doctrine — the U.S. really can’t complain.”

  4. Three years later, everyone realizes why I kept arguing that preemption would be an enormously destabilizing force in the world.

    ‘Course, three years ago I also said Dean would beat Bush and the Phillies would be in the World Series, so maybe it makes sense that people weren’t paying attention to everything I said …

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