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At The Virginia Quarterly Review, we’ve just launched my first publicly-visible contribution to the venerable publication’s internet presence: The Virginia Quarterly Review Blog. There are very few literature blogs out there, with the best (IMHO) being Bookslut, followed by GalleyCat and then a bunch of others. (I haven’t yet adjusted to MobyLives‘ new podcasting format.) At VQR, we hope to broaden the literary blogosphere by providing a forum for writers who don’t normally blog, to be able to react quickly with analysis of relevant current events (which is hard to do with a quarterly), and to broaden the publication’s reach on-line.

We have big plans for this blog — think of the blog right now as the first draft. We’ll churn in the weeks and months ahead until we get it right, and then we’ll keep right on churning, just to keep up.

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