When to visit the GA?

I can spend either Wednesday or Friday of this week at the General Assembly. Does anybody know of any legislation scheduled to appear in any committee or subcommittee meetings that would make either day particularly good for me to attend?

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  1. On Wednesday Jan. 18th, Delegate Orrock’s sales tax subcommittee will look at nine bills that essentially do the same thing: allow a sales tax “holiday” at the end of summer for school supplies. Orrock said this morning that one bill will be selected to work from and report back to the committee and the others will fail.

    This might be an interesting meeting to attend and get a feel for how bills are selected when several similar ones exist and what happens to bills that fail.

  2. Too bad you can’t make it down on Tuesday afternoon. Senate Privileges and Elections will be hearing the “Marriage Amendment”.

  3. Friday is going to be a snoozer. I think that Wed at 11am should be fun in the Joint Commission on Technology and Science. I think they are trying to spell Internet this year.

  4. Waldo, I ain’t got a mortgage, I ain’t got a car payment. I also ain’t got an an e-mail with a mailing address for my contribution to your efforts. At least send me this info so I can contribute a tribute for the RSS feed.

  5. Agreed … fridays are usually dull. Plus, you can probably find a reception or two to attend on Wed. – usually something is going on at Old City Hall.

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