New year’s resolutions.

  1. Start more projects, but maintain fewer. That is, bring good things into the world, but don’t overcommit.
  2. Become conscious of my own health and physical well-being. I’m quite healthy, but I’m not going to be in my 20s forever.
  3. Return to the habit of saving money. For two years I was a student, and got in the habit of only spending wisely.

My 2004 resolution was to propose. My 2005 resolution was to get married. So I’m branching out a bit this year.

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2 replies on “New year’s resolutions.”

  1. I just wish I could finish some of the house remodeling projects that were started during 2005. I have a basement, two bedrooms and a deck in various stages of being built. So I can relate to your need to not over commit; between politics and house remodeling, I am all full up, and it’s only January 2. That’s not counting the grrenhouse we bought at auction in October which is still in mid-deconstruction at the local high school. Oy.

  2. Happy New Year Waldo !!

    Having had the pleasure of meeting Amber at the blogger summit I have to say that you’ve made excellent resolutions the past. I think your new ones are pretty darn smart too, you’ll be amazed at how quickly time passes after 30. I’ll be a grandma in a few weeks, turn 41 in June and celebrate 20 years of marriage in July – yet still feel 21?!

    Take care of yourself now, and you’ll be rewarded many times over later :-)

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