Willie Mae Kilgore sued.

Willie Mae Kilgore has been sued, Laurence Hammack reports in today’s Roanoke Times:

In 2003, Kilgore refused to provide a list of absentee voters to Mary Lane, the wife of the Democratic candidate for sheriff, according to a lawsuit refiled Monday in Scott County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit portrayed Kilgore as a “strong political partisan” who “has openly showed favoritism for Republican candidates.” Registrars are expected to remain politically neutral on the job.

In retaliation for seeking the records, Lane claims in the lawsuit, she was falsely accused by Kilgore of being a convicted felon and taken off the voting rolls.

Willie Mae Kilgore has become quite an embarrassment to the State Board of Elections — they keep having to apologize for her. Hammack continues:

When Wilson — a former member of the local electoral board — first sought copies of absentee ballot applications from the registrar’s office in September, she was told the staff was too busy to provide the records, she wrote in a complaint to the Scott County Electoral Board.

The same thing happened again in October, Wilson wrote in a second letter — a copy of which she sent to Jean Jensen, secretary of the State Board of Elections in Richmond.

“I am very concerned about this complaint on two points,” Jensen wrote in an Oct. 16 letter to the Scott County electoral board. Not only was Wilson’s first letter not addressed, she wrote, “this exact problem occurred in October 2003.”

In a reference to Lane’s case, Jensen wrote that “another Scott County registered voter struggled for at least three days to obtain this list that the registrar is required by law to provide. It required intervention by this office to resolve the matter.”


“I hope this information makes absolutely clear my intent to ensure that the Scott County registrar fully complies” with the law, Jensen wrote. She added that she expects to receive a response in time to make a report to the State Board of Elections at its next meeting on Nov. 28.

“I don’t understand why this has become an issue again,” Jensen said last week.

Jerry Kilgore doesn’t come out of this particularly sparkly, either. From the text of Ms. Lane’s lawsuit:

On Octber 6, 2003, Ms. Jensen received a call from Jerry Kilgore, Attorney General of Virginia, who complained to her about Ms Lane’s conduct at his mother’s office. He told Ms. Jensen that he and his brother Terry felt that Ms. Lane had been “harassing” their mother. Mrs. Jensen related the events of the previous week to the Attorney General

It’s bad enough that Willie Mae Kilgore is so malicious, but for Jerry Kilgore to get into the game is even worse. I don’t know if Mr. Kilgore is being manipulated by his mother, or if he’s in active participant in fraudulent voter suppression, but the facts are clearly against Mrs. Kilgore in these matters.

I’ve made the full text of the lawsuit available as a PDF (124k).

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