Interview about McDonnell money laundering Fri. morning.

I’m going to be on 1260 WCHV‘s “AM Charlottesville” tomorrow morning, from around 8:10am until around 8:50am, talking about the rapidly-unfolding Bob McDonnell money laundering scandal. (See James Grimaldi’s excellent article in today’s Washington Post for the latest revelations. Very impressive work, Mr. Grimaldi!) WCHV doesn’t stream, so it’s only for you local kids.

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2 replies on “Interview about McDonnell money laundering Fri. morning.”

  1. If I’ve got it right, it seems as though the only thing that McDonnell has to say in his own defense is that he didn’t collect the money, he doesn’t know who the original sources were and he is unable to require that his funder name their sources. The questions for McDonnell are:

    “Do you think it’s important that Virginia voters know the source of the money?”

    “What do you think would happen if you told your funder to either reveal their sources to the public within 8 hours or you’ll return the money immediately?”

    “If elected Attorney General what actions would you take to ensure that Virginia voters know exactly who is giving money to elect political candidates, and how would you prevent money-laundering in politcal campaigns?”

    Maybe the folks at WCHV can ask those questions when (if?) McDonnell presents himself for an interview.

  2. After watching Bob McDonnell’s sexual predator commercial over and over, I found this blurb from James Grimaldi’s article to be absolutely astounding.

    “Vanderwall also has ties to McDonnell: He ran the Republican’s 1999 campaign for the General Assembly. Vanderwall is now serving a seven-year prison term after he was convicted of soliciting sex from a minor on the Internet.”

    So Bob is going to hunt down sexual predators, and he doesn’t even know that his own former campaign manager is a sexual predator. I think Bob may have a credibility problem.

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