PROTECT attacks Dave Albo.

The National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT) has launched an all-out assault on Republican Delegate Dave Albo. They make quite clear that Del. Albo has worked hard to decrease the penalties for child rape. It’s got to really piss off Albo to have one of the nation’s leading organizations in the fight to protect children from sexual abuse fighting so hard to get him out of office. It tells you a lot about the man.

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3 replies on “PROTECT attacks Dave Albo.”

  1. After reading through the PROTECT info, I want Albo strung up.

    That man deserves not a single vote. As a parent…

    I’m too angry to talk or think. I’m just going to stop before I say something I shouldn’t.

  2. Glad to see you are as totally appalled as I am. Now get out there first thing Tuesday morning and vote this loser out of office before he can hurt anyone else!! (By the way he also voted aginst a law that would have required priests to report suspected child abuse, and another that would have made serial stalking a felony. I have no idea what he could be thinking. More votes from Pedophile priests and stalkers??)

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