Fox vs. religion.

Great moments in The O’Reilly Factor:

I think that it’s fundamentally unfair that five Arab guys, Muslim men in their 20s, get together in full view of 80,000 folks and engage in prayer. I just think that’s wrong.

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  1. Fox vs. Religion? So now O’Reilly is Fox News now? Last I checked he was only one voice on that station. Or is it now all right for me to condemn anyone associated with the Democrats because Michael Moore or Al Franken says something idiotic?

  2. Yes, Bill O’Reilly represents Fox as clearly as Tucker Carlson represents MSNBC. That’s why talking heads get fired when they say something really stupid.

    Michael Moore doesn’t represent the Democratic Party, but Howard Dean does. Dean is on the DNC’s payroll, as O’Reilly is on Fox’s payroll.

  3. Uhh, I’m just a tad uncomfortable defending Bill O’Reilly, but am I the only one who noticed that HE didn’t say anything? He wasn’t even there. It was “guest host” Michael A. Smerconish that made the remarks in question. I’ve never listened to O’Reilly’s radio show, but a question does come to mind. Does it contain the typical disclaimer stating that “the views related on this program do not necessarily reflect the views of Fox News…etc”?

    A rough equivalent would be a reader of this comment claiming that Waldo defended Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.

  4. Actually, I didn’t say that it was Bill O’Reilly in the post but, you’re right, we veered into the territory of inaccuracy in the conversation here about Bill O’Reilly’s ability to represent Fox. Thanks for pointing that out, Alton.

  5. As a stand alone quote it sounds bad.

    But put into perspective.. that it was a big charity football game and a “former President” was at the event. The fact that they were praying was not the central issue. The main issue was that they were picked up for questioning on the off chance they could be terrorists… praying before a possible terrorist attack…

    The question should be; would you rather play it safe? and check them out? Or would you rather take a chance that they might’ve been up to something?

    The end result was that all religions now have a “non-denominational” location for prayer at Giant Stadium.

    I hardly think this is “Fox vs. Religion”

  6. I listened to the whole relevant audio portion on the website, TPN, and context or no context, those guy’s comments were reprehensible. The context does nothing to make them less so.

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