Kaine wins?

I just got home, at nearly 11pm, to watch tonight’s Kaine/Kilgore debate on video, as I was out at a party. I haven’t talked to anybody, and I haven’t watched a second of the debate. But I did just now check my e-mail, and found that I had an e-mail from the Kaine campaign entitled “Kaine wins statewide debate.”

OK, thought, of course they’d say that. I then saw that I had an e-mail from the Kilgore campaign. But rather than being titled “Kilgore wins statewide debate,” as the Kilgore camp has said in past e-mails, the subject was “Sabato Says Kilgore was ‘Aggressive’.” Hmm.

Opening the e-mail, I saw that nowhere did it say that Kilgore won, or even did well. Instead, my eye went immediately to this telling phrase in the opening paragraph: “Jerry demonstrated once again that he is a workhorse, not a showhorse.”

Translation: We…uh…we showed the horse. Nobody liked it. Kilgore must have done really badly.

Amber’s starting the tape. It’s showtime.

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  1. It was quite simple:

    Tim Kaine had a positive message: a record of results and a vision of the future.
    Jerry Kilgore was all negative all the time.

    Tim Kaine is the only candidate with a positive message.

  2. I’ve not seen the debate yet either, but from all the blogs, I’m guessing Jerry must have won this time. No one seems to be declaring a sweeping victory for Kaine like the last debate.

  3. A Dem — your incessant bold-type bleating of that ridiculous phrase — on blog after blog after blog — is making you look awfully silly. Just so you know.

    Regarding who “won” the debate, it depends on what either side was hoping for. I tend to agree with Jones. Neither man delivered any knockout punches or fell on his face. If anything, they both walked away rather unscathed… which most people would probably call a victory for Kilgore, since debating was supposedly Kaine’s strong area, and Jerry’s weakest.

    Maybe some Kaine supporter can explain this (from the Virginian-Pilot):

    Kaine said he supports state laws allowing a single gay person – but not couples – to adopt children. “A single person, including a gay or lesbian, can adopt in Virginia if it’s in the best interest of the child,” he said, “and there are many gay and lesbians who are wonderful parents.”

    If he supports it for a single gay person, why not a couple?

  4. I.Publius,

    In the debate, Kaine stated clearly why he doesn’t support adoption for gay couples — because they can’t legally marry. He doesn’t support adoption for ANY unmarried couples, gay or straight.

    So your question makes you look awfully silly. Just so you know.

  5. Kilgore looked weak and ineffective. Who let him go on stage wearing a suit 5 sizes too big? It made him look small and weak. He *still* can’t seem to get the sissy tone out of his voice. Kilgore repeated the same lines ad nauseum, usually with little consideration for the content of the question being asked. His ability to memorize entire paragraphs of stock rhetoric is commendable, but his delivery was awkward. Constantly pausing at unnatural points to recollect the rest of a stock response. It reinforced the impression of a weak man, unsure of himself and lacking confidence in his own words.

    By contrast, Tim Kaine came across as strong and aggressive, calling out Kilgore’s lies specifically and categorically. Most notably, he managed to parry Kilgore’s limp attack againt his stance on abortion into a textbook-perfect demonstration of both his religious faith and love of country. Kaine is a very good debator, not a great one. But Kilgore’s train wreck would make just about any high school debate team look like geniuses.

    As an NRA member, I noted that Kaine made it quite clear that he was in favor of the status quo in terms of Virginia’s gun laws, while Kilgore tried to have it both ways in a classic ‘we should study this further’ flip-flop. I’m comfortable with Kaine on the second amendment. Kilgore has apparantly been unable to form an opinion on a major law enforcement/second amendment issue despite having been the Attorney General of VA for 4 years and director of public safety prior to that. Is he just lying to us or does he honestly lack any sort of moral conviction? Again, a weak man.

    Nothing that Kilgore said was very far to the right and nothing that Kaine said was very far to the left. Because of this, undecided swing voters watching the debate are unlikely to form an opinion of the candidates based on their policies or political postures. Rather, the undecided voters saw a weak man and a strong man. They’ll be making their decision based on that. Advantage Kaine.

  6. Quite the contrary-saywhat-from the paper quote, it seems Kaine is the
    the one who is confused on what he believes, or it looking for a “back-door”.
    The gay pop. shouldn’t accept this answer because he’s too afraid now and will be too afraid later.

  7. I will still say, Kilgore’s major weakness is the rote fashion in which he
    responded to his question…consitantly using the same exprissions/lines
    over, and over, and over..since this election is about the 5-10% percent
    “swing” voters, I don’t know if it will work. plus, the accent…anyhow

  8. Jack: Excellent analysis! I agree with what Kaine said right at the end of the debate when Sabato asked each candidate to agree to not spend the next month inundating the public with a barrage of negativity. When Kilgore could not agree to even stating that 51 percent of his advertising would be positive, Kaine observed that right there — Kilgore’s response to that specific question — ought to tell you everything you need to know about the man who is Jerry Kilgore.

    Kaine has enough confidence in himself and what he brings to the moment that he does not need to belittle his opponent or “make up stuff” as Kilgore has been wont to do. Kaine has a positive message, a positive vision for Virginia and is a man of depth and morality.

    Basically, Virginians need to ask themselves what sort of a man do they want to have making decision that will affect their families and friends. Kaine is the guy to trust — not Kilgore.

  9. Re gay adoption: The paper didn’t quote Kaine in full at the debate. Weren’t you watching?

    During the debate, Kaine said what he’s said before … unmarried couples can’t adopt and since gays couples can’t get married, gay couples can’t adopt.

    I don’t happen to like it, but that’s what he said, and it’s not confusing.

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