Warner stumping for Kaine.

Democrats across the state have been waiting, patiently, for the day when Governor Mark Warner would stand up and loudly encourage Virginians to vote for Lt. Governor Tim Kaine. Though Warner has repeatedly endorsed Kaine in interviews and speeches, the message doesn’t seem to have gotten out to Virginians. And with Warner’s astronomical approval ratings, that’s a message that must get out, or else Kaine will surely lose.

Problem solved.

Warner Ad ScreenshotToday, the Kaine campaign unveiled their TV and radio spots that feature Mark Warner clearly and directly endorsing Tim Kaine, crediting the state’s success to Tim Kaine’s collaboration with Marker Warner over the past few years. It’s a great ad. I wouldn’t change a thing in it. If the Kaine campaign is smart, they’ll make sure that every Virginian sees and hears this ad a half dozen times in the next few weeks.

The Democratic Governors Association has made

      the radio spot available as an MP3
and the TV spot as a Quicktime File.

If I may digress, I’d like to point out that I’m a) impressed that the DGA makes these available not in some crappy Windows Media or Real Audio format, but in a pair of standard, downloadable formats and b) that they recently added an RSS feed, to which I subscribe, which provides regular news on the happenings of Democratic governors across the state. They’re both simple things, but they show cluefulness on the part of the folks at the DGA.

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2 replies on “Warner stumping for Kaine.”

  1. Yeah, it’s been a good day for Democrats. It’s time to ramp up and unload everything we have as we count down to November 8.

    I hope everyone’s got October 9 highlighted on their calendars!

    Wild Horses….

  2. Finally! I can’t wait to see it on TV locally. I love that the file is a standard, and playable on my computer too (nice ad), but we need this out on the local airwaves to combat the Kilgore ads I see several times a day.

    Woo hoo.

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