VPAP’s new map interface.

The Virginia Public Access Project has set up this great new mapping system. It’s a map of Virginia, which can display the level of financial support that each statewide candidate has received from Virginia municipalities. Users can zoom in for detail, or drill down to look at specific contributions from each municipality.

I certainly hope that this application is sufficiently flexible that it can take input in the form of ZIP and aggregate contributions. That would make it possible to map of support received by any candidate, rather than just these seven individuals.

It must be noted that Kenton Ngo was mapping financial support for Virginia candidates before mapping financial support for Virginia candidates was cool.

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One reply on “VPAP’s new map interface.”

  1. It most definitely is cool. The main obstacle to county mapping for me was that campaign finance records were sortable by zip code, and not by county. I am unable to find accurate zip code shapefiles, so this will have to suffice. Pretty good stuff nevertheless.

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