Dog bites man.

I don’t know if I should praise Prince William Democrats or criticize the Potomac News for this gem from today’s paper:

The Prince William County Democratic Committee has issued a report card that flunked all of the incumbents in the Virginia House of Delegates.


The committee recommended that the voters expel the incumbents and elect Democrats Hilda M. Barg, who is running against Frederick; Bruce Roemmelt, who is trying to oust Marshall; and Earnie Porta, who is after McQuigg’s job.

This is news? Was it possible that the Prince William County Democrats might have come to some alternate conclusion? Perhaps a B- or a C+ for a couple of their representatives?

Good on the Dems for a successful bit of theater. But I don’t know what the Potomac News is thinking.

One thought on “Dog bites man.”

  1. Yeah, Waldo. It’s really too bad that they were stealing a page out of the PW Young Republicans’ efforts at a debate with David Brickley oh, say, 12 years ago. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    ‘Course, we were supporting a Republican (Clancy McQuigg, if I recall correctly; Michele’s ex). And as I recall, we were honest enough to give him a (low) passing grade on elected School Boards.

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