You can’t fight city hall.

Meter with one minute on it
My meter, with one minute left on it, as I found it when I got to my car, finding a ticket left 15 minutes previously for parking with an expired meter. Now I’m caught in Appeals Process Hell with the City of Charlottesville, since City Hall wouldn’t just look at this camera phone snap and agree to tear up the ticket on the spot. This same meter stole $0.75 from me when I fed it 1:59 previously.

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5 replies on “You can’t fight city hall.”

  1. A pattern may be emerging here. Before the age of bloggery, there was no way to ask a lot of local citizens, “Hey, has this happened to you, too?”

    So, has this happened to anyone else?

  2. I paid a meter that had the legal parking times posted inide the meter, only to learn a $100 lesson
    that the information posted locally(on the meter) was superseded by a sign 200 yds away and buried
    in foliage.

    Good luck

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