Del. Tom Gear’s a dope.

Today’s Hampton Roads Daily Press has an article (not online) by Hugh Lessig and John M.R. Bull about Virginia 21 and their report card ranking all members of the Virginia House of Delegates, based on their votes on matters of relevance to higher education. Check out this bit:

Del. Tom Gear of Hampton found himself on academic probation. He scored a measly 1.6.

“What do these college kids know?” Gear complained. “Let them get a real job.”


Gear’s point was this: When you get older, you tend to get more conservative. Maybe you’re not as gung-ho to raise taxes, even if some say investing in government is a good thing.

“A lot of kids’ opinions change when they have to get out in the real world,” he said. “Let them pay taxes and grind it out.”

Ferguson noted national statistics that say about 50 percent of college students work 25 hours a week to pay for their education.

Hey, Del. Gear? Screw you, buddy. With the horrible overcrowding and underfunding of our schools, it takes five years to graduate from Virginia colleges. Thanks for nothing.

Maybe you’ll start funding fire departments better than you fund schools. What do these fireman know? Let them get a real job.

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