Off to Sorensen, VT graduation.

I’m off to a Sorensen Institute session in Harrisonburg (topics include the poultry industry, transportation [Whit Clement is the speaker], gangs in Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley [Sen. Mark Obenshain speaking], and the Virginia budget), though I’m bailing early tomorrow to drive down to Blacksburg for my Virginia Tech graduation.

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5 replies on “Off to Sorensen, VT graduation.”

  1. Didn’t ya leave off the best part?

    “Off to Sorensen, VT graduation, *then* two solid weeks of lying on the beach in Corolla, NC”!

    Congratulations! Enjoy your time off and don’t worry about politics we (republicans) promise to behave until you return! :-O

  2. Hey, Sheila, that’s a good website for the Spotsylvania Republican Party y’all have there. Much more useful than the Charlottesville Democrats’ site.

    Oh, dang, I almost forgot — thanks for your kind words. :)

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