It’s good to be missed.

Apparently my week-long final-exam-caused blogging hiatus, which ended in the wee hours of this morning, did not go unnoticed. On Raising Kaine, Lowell Feld offered the following theories as to the source of my absence:

  • He’s being held prisoner in one of Scott Howell’s dungeons, currently being tortured by not being allowed to blog for days on end. Definitely cruel and unusual punishment, but I suppose the Kilgore campaign wouldn’t have any particular problem with that, especially for a dastardly liberal.
  • He’s taking an early, pre-wedding honeymoon with his lovely fiancee, Amber. Given that they’re both liberals, it’s probably in a country like France, Sweden, or possibly even Cuba. Viva Waldo y Amber!
  • He’s attending a secret “future liberal leaders of Charlottesville” retreat somewhere in… well, Charlottesville I guess! Studying how to “frame” issues in a Lakoffian manner, to communicate effectively and with sensitivity to cultural differences, and to raise wads of money in donations of $5 or less over the internet.
  • Two dozen times in the past week, I’ve learned something exciting and new that I wanted to share; it took some strong tactics (like — horrors — closing my browser) to stay on task.

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    1. You forgot “He’s on a religious retreat with Pastor John, exorcising his demons and learning how to detect freemasons and homosexuals when they’re not in drag.”

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