DSL, websites down, now up.

Well, that sucked.

Sprint — who is the ILEC without a CLEC in my neck of the woods — took down our DSL in the process of repairing our telephone line on Thursday morning. We’ve had no Internet connection until just five minutes ago. Since I host two of my own servers, most of my websites were down, as was lists.waldo.net, to the inconvenience of many.

I’ve hosted my own servers since 1999, and never had such trouble. I’ve been able to get my connection from Ntelos up until I moved out into the country in December, and fantastic company that they are, they’ve trained me that I can always rely on my DSL working. Now that I’m with Sprint, I see that this is not an approach that’s likely to be particularly reliable. I’ll have to figure out some sort of alternate hosting approach so long as Sprint is my only possible bandwidth provider.

Thankfully, my e-mail is hosted on Noah’s server (via an Ntelos DSL), so I haven’t lost a single e-mail message. Now I just have to catch up on five days of e-mail.

One thought on “DSL, websites down, now up.”

  1. Man, that sucks.

    I had Sprint DSL while in Ohio. It was very unreliable and I had to power cycle my modem/router almost weekly.

    Good luck.

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