Springier than ever.

On the first day of spring, it was definitely spring. But then it rained for days, and Charlottesville was a gray and dreary place. Today, though, it’s a changed world. The sky is blue, fluffy white clouds are scudding across the sky, there’s a nice breeze, and it is, as I write this, 62° and the temperature is still rising. It’ll be 70° every day for the next few days. I have the windows open, I’ve pulled down the insulating curtains, and I do believe I’ll have the sunroof open when I drive into town to see Creigh Deeds formally kick off his campaign in an hour’s time.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

Waldo Jaquith (JAKE-with) is an open government technologist who lives near Char­lottes­­ville, VA, USA. more »