RT-D: Kilgore is worried about Potts.

Writes Jeff Schapro in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Potts potentially draws votes from both [Republican Jerry] Kilgore and [Democratic Lt. Governor Tim] Kaine. However, the forcefulness of Kilgore’s reaction and that of other Republican leaders to the Potts candidacy suggested that Kilgore is worried Potts could prove a spoiler.

In a written statement, Kilgore lumped Potts with Kaine, noting that last year they supported the Warner-initiated $1.4 billion tax increase for education, human services and public safety. Public-opinion polls suggest most Virginians favored the tax rise.

“Today, the liberal high-tax lobby has a second candidate to choose from, leaving Tim Kaine and Russ Potts to fight over the votes of people who hold the minority opinion in Virginia,” said Kilgore, already facing a minor challenge for the GOP nomination from Mayor George Fitch of Warrenton.

Kate Obenshain Griffin, the state GOP chairwoman whose husband was among three to oppose Potts for renomination in 2003, blasted Potts for “high-tax, pro-abortion, liberal views.” She added, “It is time for Russ Potts to…declare himself a Democrat.”

(Emphasis mine.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — Potts is only bad for Kilgore, and he only makes clear how badly divided that Virginia Republicans are. They may cleave right down the middle before the year is through.

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2 replies on “RT-D: Kilgore is worried about Potts.”

  1. Jeff Schapiro is a shill for leftists, and has been for years. I wouldn’t take his word for gospel. Those of us who are true moderates don’t pay attention to him any more than we pay attention to some of the far-right nuts in the house.

    As for Potts, I can’t find an issue where he doesn’t either agree with Kaine or stand to the left of the democrat nominee. I think he doesn’t help anyone, and he hurts each candidate equally.

    It’s a wash….he’s officially a republican, but has views of a liberal. I really can’t figure out how he’s supposed to be so bad for the Kilgore campaign. I don’t guess he’s going to help Kilgore, but he won’t hurt him any more than he hurts Kaine.

  2. If you can’t find any issue where Kaine is to the left of Potts, you aren’t looking very hard.

    Big business? Try Potts’ 81% rating from the Virginia Chamber. Religion? How about his 57% from the Virginia Christian Coalition and 0% from Americans United for Separation of Church and State? The environment? Potts has 33% from the League of Conservation Voters. Women’s rights? Potts has 0% from National Organization of Women. Gun rights? An “A” from the NRA.

    Potts is a Republican. He calls himself a Republican. He caucuses with Republicans. He votes like a Republican. He’s just not an free-luncher like the Norquist crowd.

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