Albo’s apparently nuts.

In today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tyler Whitley writes about a proposed constitutional amendment that was just passed by the House of Delegates’ Privileges & Elections Committee. The bill, introduced by Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr. (R-Grayson) would allow school prayer, church-and-state separation be damned. (Of course, praying in school is as legal as it is anywhere else. Who would know? What this bill seeks is the right for teachers to stand up and preach to students, regardless of their faith, trying to convert Jews to Christianity and the like.) Apparently, this isn’t quite out there enough for Delegate Dave Albo.

Albo is a target of my Virginia Family Values PAC for his stance on child rape which is, in a nutshell, it’s really not such a bad thing. I’ve maintained that he’s not crazy, he’s just a bad man. (Del. Dick Black and Del. Bob Marshall, on the other hand, seem likely to be not altogether there, mentally.) But what with his comments in this RTD story, I’m not so sure anymore:

Committee member Del. David B. Albo, R-Fairfax, said he worried that Carrico’s proposal would allow Muslims to preach “jihad against Christians” in public schools.

What prevents violent speech from religious extremists now? Carrico asked.

“One of the reasons why you’re not allowed to give that David and Goliath speech to kids is that we don’t want that jihad speech to be given to kids,” Albo said.

Carrico said he was not trying to stifle other religious beliefs, just that he was trying to allow Christian expression. As a trooper, he protected demonstrators with whom he did not agree, Carrico said.

Great. So Albo fears Islam, while Carrico thinks that Christian expression is more valuable than other types of expression. You know those kids — always preaching jihad against Christians. Good thing Albo’s going to prevent that through legislation.

What an ass.

(Via The Virginia Progressive)

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