First snow of the season.

It’s snowing out, very lightly. Definitely “flurry” territory. Last year’s December 4 first snowfall was much more impressive, with 4″ that day, and another 2-3″ in the next day or so, if I recall correctly. No matter, I take what I can get.

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2 replies on “First snow of the season.”

  1. What the heck is URI? University of Rhode Island? No, but only about 20 miles off.

    Awesome you finally have comments. Snow up here twice so far. The first was, I guess, about four inches. With the wind up here, it’s hard to tell. Some places were still bare. Others were a foot deep. God, I will miss this weather. We got a trace of snow the other day. Can’t wait ’till January. Negative 30 is fun.

    The comment box goes way off the page, BTW. At least it does for me.

  2. URI — the term replaced “URL,” like, five years ago. Get with the program. ;)

    I haven’t debugged this in IE on Virtual PC just yet, so I’m not surprised to find some rendering problems. I probably should have waited to do that, investigate spam filtering, etc. My big concern is that I run so many bloody discussion forums right now ( and being two of the ones that require the most work, the former much moreso than the latter, of course) that I’m not sure that I want to deal with one more. We’ll think of this as being on an experimental basis.

    More on-topic, yay for Rhode Island snow. Living in the New River Valley, I get a great deal more snow than in Charlottesville, which is great. I’ll miss that, in particular, moving back to Charlottesville.

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